The Four Stages Of Disaster Preparedness.

  1. 01
    At Risk Family
  2. 02
  3. 03
    Receive Product
  4. 04
    Rest Easy
  1. At Risk Family

    When disasters strike, access to vital medications and supplies may no longer be readily available – that’s why the SOSrx Pack is necessary. Early education and preparation are key to protecting you and your loved ones. Mitigate the impact of a disaster on your vulnerable family and learn how to respond effectively.

  2. Consultation

    Once you commit to protecting those closest to you, one of our licensed physicians will contact you for a short virtual consultation. After the process is complete, you will be shipped the SOSrx Disaster Pack, complete with the life-saving medications contained within.

  3. Receive Product

    Your trackable disaster pack will be shipped free of charge within 48 hours. Rest assured, your preparedness and careful planning will soon be rewarded.

  4. Rest Easy

    Once you have it, keep it stored in a place that’s easy to access. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use it, but if you do, rest easy knowing you have the medications you want for most disaster scenarios. If disaster does strike, we’ll send you alerts to help you prepare and stay safe.

Disasters are sudden, come without warning, and with great threat to life. Are you and your loved ones ready in case disaster strikes?