Those We Protect

  • Individuals

    The disaster kit is compact and effective, ready to go whenever you are.

  • Families

    Effective preparation is the key to keeping families together during the devastating effects of a disaster.

  • Friends

    Your friends are loved ones too. Keep them covered by telling them about the Disaster Pack.

  • Frequent Travelers

    You never know what situation you can fly into. Thankfully, the Disaster Pack is portable.

  • Governments

    Everybody has an important role to play in getting prepared to minimize the impact of disasters on public health.

  • High-Risk Area Residents

    We’ve been through natural disasters before. We consider it a must-have for natural disaster-related drug shortages.

  • Plan ahead and have these medications on hand before the unthinkable happens.
    Medications can make all the difference between life or death, long term injury and sickness.
  • In dire times, medical supplies and life saving medications are strictly rationed, preventing many people from obtaining them.
    The SOSRx Disaster Pack contains 3 of the most important prescription medications to safeguard you and your loved ones in the event of a disaster scenario.
  • With Telehealth, disaster preparation has never been faster or simpler.
    You’ll receive a free consultation with a physician licensed to practice medicine in your state. Following your consultation with a physician, we’ll ship your Disaster Pack complete with prescription medications directly to your door within 2 days of your order.
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